Worksite Wellness

Worksite Wellness

FSNE can offer Worksite Wellness using curricula and educational resources with site staff to promote their health and wellness, as well as working through a wellness team or committee to offer PSE’s that support staff wellness and role modeling. These sessions can be offered through Lunch and Learn sessions with voluntary attendance.  It cannot be considered professional development. While students are the focus of our FSNE programming, the staff’s mental and physical health are key to helping students succeed. Help staff make healthy choices together throughout the day.

Some other ideas for positive employee wellness changes:

  • Develop a an after school Fitness Buddies group.  Place a sign up calendar in faculty lounge.
  • Place a Fruit bowl in front office—encourage teachers to keep fruit on their desk, eat in front of students. Use handouts from this link to discuss the nutrient facts, benefits and uses of each fruit.
  • Take the fruit bowl a step further – Check with local grocers to see if they might be willing to donate fruit to the school. Or suggest the school rotate a signup sheet for 5-6 teachers and administrators to buy a specific color fruit for the entire team depending on the week.  Example: Week 1-Red; Week 2-Green; Week 3-Orange; Week 4-Yellow. See other ideas from Action for Healthy Kids.
  • Share short nutrition tips each morning during the announcements. Check out the Eat Better Morning Announcements activity for more than 100 sample messages to share.
  • Develop a list of creative volunteers to maintain a healthy food bulletin board in staff common areas – highlighting new healthy food suggestions or staff healthy eating challenges/results. More bulletin boards

School Wellness Policy Information

  • Wellness Policies provide guidelines for schools to create environments that promote healthy behaviors. Learn more about FSNE’s role in school wellness.