New FSNE Materials:


For Teachers:

For Students:

  • The Water Song – A Sing-a-long video that promotes water for small children.
  • Hydration Nation – Water hydration song for older elementary students.

Worksheets and Games

  • Water Word Search – Looking for a quick, quiet activity for students during transition time? Try this water focused word search!
  • Sugar Shuffle Board Game – Working alone or in groups, challenge your students to guess how much sugar is in many common sugary beverages.
  • Water Cycle – Integrate the importance of drinking water during your science lessons on the water cycle. One simple water cycle handout example can be found here.

Additional Classroom Activities:

Make Your Own Video!

Kids can create and preform short commercials about the benefits of drinking water. This guide includes step by step instructions for your classroom activity!


Encourage your students to track how much water they are drinking every day for 1 week. Chart, track and check how well the class does at reaching their water drinking goals!

Conduct a Water Taste Test.

Prepare a blind taste test of various forms of water, including ice water, tap water, water with cucumber/lime/orange. Prepare one small cup of each for every student to sample. Label each choice with the letter A, B, C etc. Have students vote on their favorite form of water!

Observe a Thirsty Houseplant!

Watch how quickly the benefits of water impact the way a plant lives by following the steps below:

  • Use a houseplant to visually demonstrate dehydration
  • Allow a plant to dry and wilt, discuss what the plant’s appearance tells us about its health
  • How do the plant leaves change  when the plant is watered?
  • Plants with thin leaves will wilt more quickly than succulents or plants with thick, waxy leaves