Be a Role Model

Teachers who role model healthy behaviors in their classrooms can have an enormous impact on choices children make related to healthy eating and physical activity behaviors. Children are more likely to embrace and adopt habits if they see adults in


Be Active

Children should engage in physical activity every day. Research shows that physical activity can help youth improve their concentration, memory, and classroom behavior. The recommendation for children is at least 60 minutes of moderate to vigorous activity every day. This can be broken


Gardening for Nutrition

The benefits of gardening programs in schools are numerous and varied. Gardening programs provide education and outreach to build school and community awareness of local foods and encourage consumption of fruits and vegetables through gardening. In addition to gardens, schools


Healthy Beverages

Access to drinking water throughout the day gives students an opportunity to stay hydrated which may improve their cognitive function (readiness to learn), dental and physical health. When children drink more water, they consume fewer calories from sugar-sweetened beverages and


Healthy Celebrations

Celebrations are exciting! They are also great opportunities to promote a healthy lifestyle, provide a consistent message, have fun, be creative and create excitement around nutritious choices. In addition to including healthy options, celebrations can also have a non-food focus



Key National Organizations and Campaigns The Alliance for a Healthier Generation Action for Healthy Kids Let’s Move Campaign Centers for Disease Control and Prevention CDC Virtual School USDA: Team Nutrition USDA: Healthy Meals Resource System MOST – Maryland Out of


Classroom – Cafeteria Connection

Classroom – Cafeteria Connection In a perfect world, kids (and adults!) would make food choices based on careful consideration of nutrition content. But in reality, food choices are more often influenced by the environment where foods are selected. Convenience, marketing,


Promotional Events and Monthly Themes

March Featured Event National Nutrition Month March Featured Event National School Breakfast Week December Featured Event Celebrate Winter the Healthy Way November Featured Event Celebrate Fall the Healthy Way October Featured Event National School Lunch Week September Featured Event Maryland


Worksite Wellness

FSNE can offer Worksite Wellness using curricula and educational resources with site staff to promote their health and wellness, as well as working through a wellness team or committee to offer PSE’s that support staff wellness and role modeling. Can